The Reset Podcast Series With Lyre's

By Lyre's Spirit Co

26th Feb 2021

The Reset Podcast Series With Lyre's

The Reset Podcast Series is for anyone who cares about well being at work and at home, this series has been created by Suki Thompson, Founder and CEO of Let’s Reset.

Enjoy accessing a series of personally intimate and professionally revealing stories that are designed to inspire, engage and inform. This Podcast Series which kicks off with Suki's interview with Paul Pomroy, the CEO of McDonald's in the UK and Ireland. The rest of the ten part series sees people from the worlds of business, politics, and even royalty.

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Paul Pomroy, CEO, McDonald’s UK and Irelan‪d‬ Episode 1

Paul Pomroy, the CEO of McDonald’s in the UK and Ireland. A fascinating exploration of how his childhood impacted his adulthood both personally and professionally. 

Benny Higgins, Scottish Business Legen‪d‬ Episode 2

Extraordinary. Articulate. Reflective. Benny Higgins, The former CEO, Tesco Bank and now Advisor to the Scottish Government, Chairman of the Duke of Buccleuch’s Estates & National Galleries. In this Reset: The Podcast Benny talks to Suki Thompson Founder, Let’s Reset about the juxtaposition of business and art, lived experience and learning which is the way that he lives his life. He also discusses very openly and honestly about how his own personal experiences, good and bad, have been his best teacher. This is a podcast for anyone who knows that life is a journey and the bumpier the ride, the more interesting the lessons.

Kerris Bright Chief Customer Office BBC Episode 3.

Kerris Bright is one of the outstanding marketers in the industry having worked with brands such as Dulux, British Airways & Virgin Media. But her career has not always been without bumps in the road. In this episode of Reset The Podcast, Suki Thompson, Founder & CEO of Let’s Reset discovers why these bumps have proved to be her biggest driver. Through the odd failure and the occasional leap of faith, Kerris has learned her biggest lessons. Here, she describes how those things have taught her that life really is about getting things done and the tenacity to see them through. Now as Chief Customer Officer, BBC, Kerris also explains how the power of storytelling & creativity has become such an important part of her work life.

Her Highness Sayyida Basma Al Said of Oma‪n‬ Episode 4

Her Highness Sayyida Basma Al Said of Oman is the Founder of Whispers of Serenity, the first ever wellbeing clinic in the Sultanate of Oman. In this Reset the Podcast, Princess Basma talks to Suki Thompson, Founder, Let’s Reset about what Serenity means to her. Her own educational journey, around the globe, in mental wellbeing, along with some fascinating insights into her Royal Family and its sense of purpose.

Anna Jones, Co-Founder of Allbrigh‪t‬ Episode 5

Anna Jones is the Co-Founder of Allbright, the first all-female private members club. In this Reset The Podcast, she talks to Suki Thompson, Founder and CEO Let’s Reset about sisterhood and the power of being a woman. She also discusses why there is a still a place for an all-female club and an even more special place in hell for women who don’t help other women! During their time together, they discuss why women still find it hard to push themselves forward and speak out and why giving back is important.

Mark Livings, Creator & Founder at Lyre’‪s‬ Episode 6

Mark Livings is dynamic, innovative and a true disruptor of the status quo. An Australian born, Amsterdam based award winning marketer, Mark co-foundd Lyre's, one of the fastest growing non alcoholic spirits brands in the world. He talks to suki about bravery and business but also admits that being restless entrpreneur hasn't come without its challenges. Mark opens up about the burnout he suffered and the struggles attached to starting and growing your brand. He tells Suki about the lessons he's learned and steps he now takes to protect his own wellbeing.

Pippa Glucklich CEO, Electric Glue and former President WAC‪L‬ Episode 7

Pippa Glucklich is one of the media’s industry’s most senior and inspirational women. To celebrate International Women’s Day, Suki Thompson, Founder & CEO, Let’s Reset talks to Pippa in Reset: The podcast about her life and her career. From a family who fuelled her determination, her desire for equality and ambition as a woman. To a tragedy that challenged everything she thought about herself and those around her. Here, Pippa talks incredibly honestly and candidly about her early career in media, the importance and support of her girlfriends and WACL and her husband’s suicide; something that most of us can’t ever imagine but which had the most devastating impact on her life. Remarkably, Pippa describes how she is managing to rebuild her life, why she is now empowered to speak out and how she is excited for what’s ahead.

Lord Colin Moynihan, Episode 8

At just 34, Lord Moynihan was the Minister for Sport and found himself at the heart of one of the biggest sporting tragedies, The Hillsborough Disaster. Lord Moynihan opens up about the impact of his devastating events on both his personal and professional life and how resilience he learned from his mother was put to the test. We discuss how the wonders of walking and solace of swimming are so important to his wellbeing and the importance he places on making time for himself.

Martin George, Customer Director, Waitros‪e‬, Episode 9

Passion, Energy, commitment and dedication – all words to describe Martin George, who is a man with a real story to tell. From his amazing career at British Airways and marketing Concorde through to his five year wait for a very public court case. Through it all, he learned the power of resilience and to focus on what really matters. He chats to Suki Thompson, Founder & CEO Let’s Reset about both of these things in this Reset: The Podcast. As the Chief Customer Officer at Waitrose now, Martin also explains how he is a passionate advocate for the importance of wellbeing, culture and looking after your teams.

Keith Weed CBE, President RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Former Global CMO Unilever and NED, Episode 10

Keith Weed was one of the most experiences and high profile men in Marketing. He's also one of the most energetic. In this Reset: The Podcast, the ex-Global CMO of Unilever talks to Suki Thompson, Founder & CEO, Let's Reset about energy and the importance to him of creating a team culture and an open environment to embrace positive wellbeing and mental health conversations. Keith discusses how he has now Reset his life to run a portfolio career, giving him time to concentrate on some of the things that really matter to him, his own wellbeing and gardens! Make sure you stay until the end to hear how he narrowly escaped the bombing of his hotel in Mumbai... A thrilling and impactful conversation.

Caroline Pearce, International Fitness Expert and Television Sports Presenter, Episode 11

Caroline Pearce is the very definition of what resetting means. So much so that she's done it twice. She is a former Great Britain Heptathlete and Bobsledder, International fitness expert and television sports presenter. In this Reset: The podcast, Caroline talks to Suki Thompson, Founder & Ceo, Let's Reset about the challenges she faced when transitioning out of her professional sports career. A transition that would prepare her for her next big reset; a move to Los Angeles when asked to become the presenting face of a sport she knew almost nothing about. But, as she says during this interview, her view on life is to say yes and then learn how to do it afterwards. A typically positive perspective from a woman who certainly knows how to grab life with both hands.

Keith Moor, Chief Marketing Officer, Camelot, Episode 12

Keith Moor is one of the most progressive marketers in the industry. He's also one of the most thought provoking. In this Reset the Podcast, the ex CMO of Santander and now CMO at Camelot talks to Suki Thompson, Founder & CEO, let's Reset about why knowing yourself is the key to being a great leader. During our time together, he also talks about why purpose matters and what purpose means to him. Keith is known for his honesty, his directness and his ability to provoke and all of these qualities are on show as he talks about his own process of resetting for the second half of his life. Make sure you listen to the very end of the podcast to hear an out take from our chat where Keith's reads his new personal leadership mission statement. You will love it!

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